How Chiropractic Helps Tinnitus and Vertigo

How Chiropractic Helps Tinnitus and Vertigo

Chiropractic Rochester MN Tinnitus

“Does chiropractic help tinnitus?” is a frequently Googled phrase. Along with related inner ear problems like vertigo, tinnitus in Rochester may be due to pressure and inflammation on the nerves. Chiropractors identify and remove this pressure with specific adjustments.

The CDC estimates that 15% of American adults have had tinnitus within the last year; the American Tinnitus Association defines this condition as “is the perception of sound when no actual external noise is present.” From the Latin root "to ring or tinkle," tinnitus can involve ringing, buzzing or other noises that only you hear.

How Spinal Misalignments Affect Nerve Dysfunction in Rochester

The nerves around the ears, base of the skull, and neck are sensitive to subtle shifts of the cranial bones and cervical vertebrae. When the bones are misaligned, they cause inflammation, putting pressure on the craniofacial nerves.

This is called a subluxation and is often overlooked in mainstream medical approaches.

When they are under pressure, the nerves may not function or send complete information back and forth to the brain. Nerve dysfunction in the inner and middle ear can present in various ways, including tinnitus, vertigo, and hearing loss.

At our Rochester office, we’ve seen a serious upswing of cases of vertigo and inner ear issues.

As this can have various causes, we do a thorough evaluation to identify where there are subluxations. With symptoms like tinnitus, it’s not unusual to find that the upper cervical vertebrae are misaligned.

It’s critical to address upper cervical subluxations, as pressure here can affect the vital life functions of the brainstem and connection to the top of the spinal cord.

After analysis and hands-on assessment, we specifically move the misaligned bones. We may use an instrument for gentle adjustment.

Our patients have had some great results with chiropractic care! While some people feel immediate relief after an adjustment, with others, a few adjustments are required to completely resolve their symptoms. With time and repetition, the body finds a new pattern and holds the adjustment and alignment without putting pressure on the nerves.

What our patients say:

“Last, for this review, but definitely not last for all of the topics I wish I could speak to, I have, postpartum, struggled with incidences of vertigo. Dr. Ed has some fantastic techniques for helping me with this. In fact, to date, every vertigo spell has been completely, 100% cured within minutes after an adjustment.

Literally, before I get into my car, I feel completely stable. This has happened at least a handful of times.

So, if you are pregnant or injured or have any other issues, Drs. Ed and Stacy have great skill, but also incredible intuition and knowledge. Some people have jobs because they need to pay their bills. Not these two.

Drs. Ed and Stacy do their work out of a passion for helping people be healthy. You can feel their passion regularly (it hasn't worn off in the 10 years I have known them!) If you are looking for a chiropractic home, this is your place.

At Vitality, you will not just get an adjustment and be on your way, you will gain a support team who is interested in your long-term, personal, whole-body wellness. Even after 10 years, it just keeps getting better. Thank you, Drs. Ed and Stacy for your commitment to me, your unwavering commitment to my health and the health of my family.”

- Betsy R.

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