Dr. Ed's COVID Story

Check out this article from a Rochester Chiropractor. I have been a member of the Rochester community for 13 years now with my wife Dr. Stacy and 3 daughters. We have enjoyed what Rochester, MN has to offer in the sense of opportunity for business growth and a safe, family-oriented community.

COVID-19 Story

About 1 year ago, March 26th 2020, I contracted COVID-19 which took me out for just over 2 weeks. As chiropractors, our ventures into the medical system are fairly rare, we tend to not worry too much about mild symptoms. Ultimately, this was a good reminder, we only have control of so many things and it’s good to use the resources medicine has to offer when needed.

I remember that day all too well as I presented to Med Express for an evaluation of my health. I remember being asked to meet the nurse at the back door to be let in versus using the front entrance. What a strange and surreal time that was! I remember other nurses and administrators peeking down the hallway to see what a COVID-19 patient looked like. At that time, there was little known as to what to expect and it truly was a somewhat frightening experience. I spent 4 hours in the exam room while my wife waited in the car outside in the parking lot, as she was not allowed to come in to be with me. COVID was still so new that there was a level of uncertainty as to what should or could be done in my case. After taking a chest film, the provider commented, “we are going to need to get you to Mayo, it appears you have Covid pneumonia.” I felt a wave of fear--the news media at that time was full of stories of people going to hospitals, getting on ventilators and never coming out. I don’t tend to be a worst-case scenario type of thinker, but it was on my mind. The thought of being away from my family for weeks while I recovered caused me to breakdown; as I called my wife waiting in the parking lot I became emotional and afraid of what was to come. The provider eventually came back into the exam room and stated to me that she had a consult with one of the doctors at Mayo regarding my case and he said although I have pneumonia, my vitals looked pretty good and they sent me home instead. I was beyond relieved.

Turns out, I started to improve from that time on. I battled the virus for just over 2 weeks and recovered well, though I lost 26 pounds in process! My family all contracted the virus with varying degrees of symptoms. My wife had what seemed to be a fairly mild flu for 2 days and my 3 daughters 14, 12, & 8 all had minimal symptoms and were back to normal within a day. To this day, we really have no idea how we contracted it.

We closed our business for 3 weeks while we regained our health and worked to establish protocols regarding sanitizing and proper social distancing. This was unprecedented as we had hardly been closed a day due to illness EVER. I am grateful of my recovery and I owe my ability to recover fully to my wife (Dr. Stacy) caring for me and getting me the proper nutritional support, checking my oxygen and vitals, and cooking good healthy food.

Farrells Extreme Body Shaping and Kickboxing

Quickly after I began to recover, we were talking and came to the conclusion that our membership to Farrells Extreme Body Shaping and Kickboxing gym had been one of the best health decisions we had made the prior year. I wonder if my heart and lungs would have been so strong, if my vitals would have been as good, if I had not been working out regularly? We felt like it made the difference between recovering at home and taking a trip to the ER.

In December 2019, the owners at Farrell’s Gym had invited us to speak to its members about stretching and posture. It was such a great group of people that we joined the gym almost on the spot. The culture at Farrell’s is exactly what I was looking for in a gym--they miss you when you are gone, they inspire you when you are feeling low, push you when you need pushing. Since being a member there I have had more energy and stamina. I feel great to be able to contribute my knowledge as a chiropractor.

Other Gyms and Health Clubs

We are lucky here in Rochester to have many gyms and health clubs to choose from. We have patients that rave about their workout communities...Crossfit Progression around the corner from us, Crossfit Detour, Orange Theory, Pure Barre, Burn Boot Camp and the Rochester Athletic Club to name a few. There are so many options to improve our fitness level and wellness. In house at Vitality Chiropractic, we have hosted a number of personal trainers, offering an individualized fitness approach—right now, FIT Coaching with Kara Short utilizes our studio space and offers fitness and nutrition support.

I feel so fortunate to have such an abundance of choices in our community to stay healthy and fit. There seems to be a gym for everyone. Keep moving—it pays off!!

~Dr. Ed LeQuire
Owner, Vitality Chiropractic