How to Reverse the Effects of Stress With Chiropractic

How to Reverse the Effects of Stress With Chiropractic

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Stress has become a normal part of daily life for too many adults and children in Rochester and around the world. This state is deteriorating our relationships, our health, and our society. Let’s look at how we can live vibrantly, despite any stressors life throw at us.

How Our Bodies React to Different Types of Stress

We hear the word ”stress” and we may associate it first with our mental state. However, there are three main categories of stressors in most of our lives:

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Chemical

Our bodies react physically to all three, causing an inflammatory response of our sympathetic nervous system. For example, our heart rate may increase because we’re running, thinking of a situation that makes us anxious or because we just drank an energy drink!

In this “fight, flight or freeze” state, many things happen inside our bodies to prepare us for a real or perceives threat. As we said, our heart rate increases, our breathing quickens, adrenaline and cortisol are released, digestion and healing shut down and more.

All of these are helpful in preparing our organs and muscles to fight or run away. However, it’s incredibly draining for the body to stay in this state chronically or frequently. Being under stress day after day opens the opportunity for disease and illness to get the upper hand against our body’s natural defense systems.

But it’s not that easy to just stop being stressed.

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t quite get out of a bad mood? For a variety of reasons, our bodies can struggle to adapt and switch into a more restful state once the stressor is gone.

If you’ve ever done something nerve-wracking like public speaking, you may have experienced trying to “shake off’ the nerves once the experience was over. How quickly our nervous system can adapt is a sign of either wellness or dysfunction.

There are various ways to support your body switching into a relaxed state, which is positive for your physical, mental and emotional health.

Natural Stress Relief

Exercise - Movement is a beautiful, simple way to reduce multiple types of stress. Move your body in the way and intensity level that is suited to your body; you don’t have to join a CrossFit gym. Then as you move regularly, begin to increase the challenge.

Exercise and movement increase your endorphins and happiness hormones, relieving any negative emotions you may be dealing with.

It also will increase your mobility and flexibility to relieve tension in your body. As you sweat and do rhythmic movements such as running or jumping, it helps to pump and clear your lymphatic system, stimulating your body to eliminate toxins.

Reduce toxic input - Check your food! Increase the amount of fresh, whole foods that you eat. Ask yourself, is this natural or processed and man-made?

Check your home products! Many toxins enter our systems from the laundry and cleaning products we use. There are wonderful options that are less harmful - consider switching next time you run out of a supply.

Check your newsfeed! Are your social media accounts full of negativity? Consider hiding or unfollowing certain accounts to reduce toxic mental input.

Meditation/Prayer - It isn’t just what you take out of your life, it’s what you put in. There are wonderful apps and professionals for meditation and mindfulness, breathwork, and prayer. Gratitude practices and journaling are other useful tools.

This can be instrumental in relacing your mind and body. It’s hard to be stressed and full of gratitude and peace at the same time. The more you practice it, the easier these practices will become.

Community support - Reach out for help! There are wonderful professionals to help you mentally and physically, but you need to take the first step. Search for local support groups. Join a gym or club. Get a fitness or life coach. Open up to trusted loved ones and friends. Accountability can make all the difference.

Chiropractic - Our favorite! We love how chiropractic is helpful for stress relief in a very foundational way.

A specific adjustment optimizes your nervous system, which is responsible for regulating your stress responses. This is the master system of the body, as your nerves connect your brain to your organs, glands, tissues, and muscles.

Dr. Ed and Dr. Stacy do thorough evaluations to see where in the spine there may be pressure and inflammation from misaligned vertebrae. Then they adjust those joints specifically.

Studies show that chiropractic adjustments are extremely effective in helping your body to switch into a calm, relaxed state called parasympathetic (the opposite of “fight or flight”).

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Our patients at Vitality Chiropractic frequently report:

  • Less tension in the neck, back and shoulders
  • Less reliance on medications and substances
  • Better sleep
  • Better emotional regulation

“I have been to various chiropractors and have never had such a great experience as I have at Vitality Chiropractic! Everyone who works there is so friendly and welcoming. I always feel like I’m walking into a calm and uplifting atmosphere.

Dr. Ed is hilarious and truly cares about the well-being of his clients. I mentioned that I was trying to fix my posture because I tend to slouch; Dr. Ed configured the adjustment and gave me an exercise to do at home. I’ve already noticed an improvement after just a few weeks!

The Greens First supplement powder they offer is a must; my energy and ability to stay focused has definitely improved. I look forward to every appointment at Vitality and I’m sure you will too!”

- Paige F.

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