Macro & Micro Traumas: How Chiropractic Aids Healing

Macro & Micro Traumas:
How Chiropractic Aids Healing

Chiropractic Rochester MN Micro and Macro Traumas

What do birth, a car wreck, carpal tunnel and text neck all have in common? They are all TRAUMAS to the body! Not every trauma is a major event. Some add up over the years to have just as devastating an effect, if you don’t take care of it! We’ll explain different types of macro and micro traumas, and how chiropractic can help unlock your body’s healing capabilities.

Hit by a Macro Trauma

Too often, our first misalignment comes from birth. “Imagine your 8 pound baby potentially experiencing anywhere from 60 to 120 pounds of pressure (tractional force) to its head and spine,” says Jo-Anne Richardson, RHN in a Family Health Advocacy article.

Of course this amount changes in each birthing situation with whatever techniques or interventions may be used. But that birth has a major effect on every baby (and mother!)

This is why we recommended newborns be checked by a pediatric chiropractor for any misalignments, whether they have symptoms of dysfunction yet or not. We use the gentlest of touches, like putting your finger on a cold stick of butter and waiting for it to melt.

This allows the baby to start off life thriving and developing optimally.

When you come in as a new chiropractic patient, we like to ask what traumas or events you can remember, even from your childhood.

The force from falling out of a tree as a 9-year old doesn’t go away, it has to land somewhere. A tumble might not have seemed like a big deal at the time; maybe you just had some bruising.

However, there’s a high possibility that your spine was bumped out of alignment, causing unseen nerve dysfunction and eventually, degeneration in the joint.

Healing from Car Accidents with Chiropractic Care

Major injuries are clearly a traumatic event, like a car accident.

Morgan came to us after he endured not one, but two car wrecks in a matter of minutes.

After being hit and spinning off the highway, he was calling in the incident when another vehicle lost control and hit his vehicle, doing even more damage than the first accident.

In his 50s, Morgan was experiencing severe low back pain as a result. Chiropractic care is helping to restore his body’s function, removing pressure off his nerves and realigning his spine.

It’s taking time and repetition, but he’s experiencing relief.

After hitting a deer with his car, Dan didn’t think too much about his spine. His wife and kids saw Dr. Stacy for chiropractic care, but he thought the discomfort in his neck and mid-back would go away on its own.

PSA to all the tough guys: don’t wait.

After a couple weeks, Dan was having headaches and more pain, so he came to get adjusted. It didn’t take long for him to decide to stay under care for wellness because he was feeling so good!

Micro Traumas Add Up

If you have any repetitive movements in your life or career (from typing to cutting hair!) it’s a great idea to be evaluated by a chiropractor.

Your carpal tunnel problems may not start in your wrist!

Double Crush Syndrome is where the nerve is compressed in two places, meaning you may have a subluxation at your wrist but also in your neck.

This is why carpal tunnel surgeries have a staggering failure rate (as many as 85% of the time, symptoms return post-surgery.

As chiropractors, we examine your spine to get to the source. Your bones and nerves are all connected and working together; we want to see where there are misalignments putting pressure on any nerves. Then we remove the pressure by specifically adjusting you.

Got Text Neck?

Forward head posture is another micro trauma that is rampant, even in kids. Also called text neck, when we look at a person from the side, their head is farther forward than their shoulders. Kind of turtle-ish.This puts a lot of added stress on the upper back and neck.

According to Physiology of the Joints (Volume III by Kapandji), for each inch forward you hold it, your head gains 10 pounds of weight! This hunched posture can even start affecting organ function as the organs and nerves become compressed.
What can you do? You can change your posture for a minute, but it can be hard to hold when the bones are misaligned, and the ligaments and muscles have become used to the incorrect position.

Chiropractic adjustments help the bones to move back into their correct position, fixing your posture from the foundation up with time and repetition.

Get Checked by a Rochester Chiropractor Now

“I’m sore but it’ll go away.” You may think it was a minor fender-bender, or that you just overdid it a little.


Your body avoids pain, trying to adapt and pushing it to the side. However, this is a concern because other areas may not be able to move as fluidly.

Think of times when you favor a foot with a blister or a twisted ankle, and then your knees and hip start to be affected because your gait is off.

The symptoms of something “minor” may not present themselves until months later, but we can check you NOW!

At Vitality Chiropractic in Rochester, we love being a part of your family’s health journey! We’d love to help you and your children achieve your health goals.


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