Why Rochester MN for Chiropractic Care?

Check out this article from a team member at Vitality Chiropractic in Rochester. Moving out of a town I called home for 25 plus years was difficult. It had everything I loved about living an active outdoor lifestyle. There were paved paths covering all ends of the town, parks strewn throughout different neighborhoods, and a large acre wooded area for hiking and wandering. As a bonus, there was even a little swimming hole attached to the paved paths! These were all things that became staples in my childhood that I had always hoped for my own growing child.

Biking and Walking Trails in Rochester

When I first moved to Rochester with my toddler in tow, one of the first things I noticed was their expansive network of trails that could get me from one side of the city to the other, no matter which direction I was looking to go. In fact, there are over 62 trails encompassing 382 miles, and 85 miles are interconnected and Douglas State trail runs right through the north western corner! We happened to move into a home where a city trail began at the end of our front walk. Cue endless Rochester adventures, here. I quickly realized that no matter where we had moved, a local trail was easy to access from almost any area of the city.

Family-Friendly Parks

The first thing my toddler noticed was the wide variety of parks that were connected to the expansive network of trails. Ask any local, and they will say to go check out one of the tallest enclosed playground towers, rock-climbing wall and geometric climbing “spider-web” at the Roy Sutherland park, or wooden castle at Soldier’s Field park. My son’s personal favorite is the “huge wooden playground with the pirate ship” at Silver Lake park, where the ice cream truck is sure to show up on the warmest summer days. We are also a fan of quiet Kutzky park which boasts several new tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, and two different playgrounds depending on the size of the kids. This one was within walking distance for us and tucked in a peaceful neighborhood. No matter which park we ended up at, my son always found something exciting to do and play on, and the protective mom in me found ease in allowing my son to play on playgrounds suitable to his size. Now that my toddler has grown into an active little boy, there is no shortage of adventures to be found with over 100 parks to choose from!

One summer, my family bought new bikes and a child’s tandem bike attachment, and we decided to put them to good use! We set off from our front walk and the biggest decisions we had to make were whether to go left or right at various path intersections. Since the trails maneuver through many of our local parks, my son found a new love of biking as we visited several parks that were out of walking range for us. With smooth trails, bike racks in a wide variety on and off the trails, and benches (some are even swinging benches) strewn throughout the miles of trails, it made biking an easy family activity for us to enjoy regularly.

While walking a paved path outside my home is always an easy excuse for exercise, there is nothing like a good hike in the woods. Rochester provided us with options for those, too! An almost hidden gem in the middle of the city, Quarry Hill park is home to 329 acres which boasts a wide variety of both paved and dirt paths. There are different degrees of trail difficulty and they make that clear on the signs that mark the trail throughout the park. Biking is only allowed on pathed paths in this park.

Chester Woods

When we are prepared for a short drive and ready for a change of scenery, (and a little fishing) we make our way to Chester Woods. Located just 15 minutes east of Rochester, this little oasis became a hit in our outdoor loving home. Hiking offers beautiful views through woodlands, prairie fields, or among bluffs within the 15 miles of trails. Seasonally, we can take up cross country skiing, fat tire biking, or beat the heat in the swimming hole! The entrance fee has been waived until the end of 2021 which gives us zero excuses not to make it out there!

Whether we want to go for a walk to the nearest park, take a hike, or go for a cross-town bike ride, I know Rochester offers what we are in the mood for; just like my hometown did.
Stephanie –
Office Manager at Vitality Chiropractic