Tips for Reducing Toxic Burden in Rochester

Tips for Reducing Toxic Burden

Tips for Reducing Toxic Burden in Rochester

Limit Exposure

  • Wash fruits and veggies thoroughly.
  • Choose more whole foods and fewer processed food products.
  • Avoid artificial dyes, colors, flavors and sweeteners.
  • Avoid storing acidic, salty or fatty foods in plastic--instead choose glass.
  • Avoid canned foods--choose fresh or frozen.
  • Avoid heating food in plastic containers--use glass or lead-free ceramic.
  • Use refillable stainless or glass water bottles instead of plastic bottled water.
  • Read food labels--if you can’t say it, don’t eat it! Know what you are eating. Awareness is increasing which makes it easier to swap out some of our favorites for “cleaner” versions.
  • Remove air fresheners with industrial fragrances; replace with essential oils.
  • Swap out toxic cleaning chemicals--indoor air quality is often poorer than outdoor and toxic cleaning products are part of the reason. Investigate natural, effective cleaning methods. We love Thieves by Young Living (found here) and Norwex cloths to do the job with some vinegar and baking soda on occasion.
  • Avoid products in aerosol spray cans
  • Open windows when you can.
  • Choose skin care carefully--the skin quickly absorbs many of the chemicals we put on it, that’s why some drugs are administered transdermally.
  • Visit the Skin Deep database here or download their app, Healthy Living which provides a searchable database of personal products and rates them for toxic ingredients. Think Dirty is a similar app.
  • Avoid harsh pesticides and out less toxic alternatives.

Support Detoxification

  • Drink plenty of water, add fresh lemon for an extra boost.
  • Incorporate green smoothies or juice.
  • For some, intermittent fasting is helpful for detoxification
  • Support glutathione production: grass-fed whey protein, sulfur-rich foods (cruciferous veggies, arugula, bok choy, radish), selenium rich foods, B vitamins, vitamins C & E, milk thistle
  • Leafy greens--try some that are new to you!
  • Beets--once heard a speaker say that beets were the best vegetable for women’s health!
  • Turmeric--try warm oat milk, raw honey and turmeric blended. Vitality carries high-quality absorbable turmeric that people love!

Favorite beet recipe: In a large dutch oven, cube beets, sweet potatoes, onion slices. Liberally douse with olive oil and mix. Add salt. Roast slowly. Make extra as the leftovers are great over greens with maple balsamic olive oil vinaigrette.

Detox AM smoothie: small can coconut cream, frozen mixed berries, handful of greens, ½ frozen banana, 1 avocado. Water and ice to desired consistency. Can make as a smoothie bowl and top with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, coconut flakes, granola, etc.


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