Four Reasons Why People Love Chiropractic

Four Reasons Why People Love Chiropractic in Rochester MN

Chiropractic Rochester MN August 2022 Why People Love Chiro

What’s All the Fuss About?

How did you first hear about chiropractic? Maybe your friend started going to a chiropractor and won’t stop talking about how great it is. They keep telling you how good they feel and constantly try to get you to go with them. Maybe you saw an ad for one on TV or on a highway billboard and you think to yourself, “What’s so great about chiropractic anyway?”

Many people have heard about chiropractic but don’t know much about it. Here are just a few of the amazing parts of chiropractic that keep people coming back for more.

  • Natural and safe
  • Affordable - costs significantly less than other treatment options
  • Improved quality of life and overall wellness
  • Relief from acute and chronic pain

If you’re interested in finding out for yourself keep reading and then check out our contact info at the bottom of the page!

All Natural in rochester

Chiropractic is a safe, natural alternative to traditional healthcare. Chiropractic works with the body’s nervous system to restore normal function. Because chiropractic advocates for drug-free solutions, people of all ages can benefit from this gentle care.

When chiropractors perform an adjustment, they allow the joints in the spine to move against each other correctly. This motion stops any impingement or abnormal compression of the spinal nerve roots and spinal cord.

Chiropractic restores the normal function without any prescriptions, surgeries, or steroid injections needed. This conservative care allows the body to heal itself by restoring the communication between the brain and the nervous system.


Here at Vitality Chiropractic, we believe in keeping financing simple to best benefit you! We are not in-network with insurance, which enables us to keep our fees affordable and offer discounts. We work out financing directly with you to keep things straightforward.

This also means that we put you and your care first to do what it takes to get you better, without a third party directing what we can offer.

Chiropractic itself is also a cost effective option for low-back pain, chronic conditions, and other health-related issues.

According to the Chiropractic Progress Organization, the average cost for patients seeing a chiropractor first was almost 40% less than patients seeing an MD first. It also found that episodes of care were 20% less expensive than episodes initiated with a MD. These kinds of savings can make health restoration a real possibility to patients who don’t have a lot of options.

Improved Quality of Life

Pain and dysfunction can become debilitating. It can affect your job, ruin family time, and cause depression. Healing the body is essential to improving your overall health and improving your quality of life.

Your nervous system plays a critical role in every part of your life; whether you’re taking a walk, eating dinner, sleeping, or going out with friends, you need your nervous system to work properly! Chiropractic recognizes that need and helps your body to communicate properly with your brain without any pain or interference.

Relief from Acute and Chronic Pain

Many studies have been published about pain and Chiropractic. One of these studies tested whether patients with low back pain would improve with medical care, chiropractic care, or both. They found that chiropractic-inclusive resulted in the best patient satisfaction and perceived improvement.

While chiropractic is about more than pain, getting help is still important.
Studies show that “chronic low back pain is associated with reduced mobility, reduced quality of life, and longevity, and often includes increased rates of other health problems” (Cleveland III.)

Getting back to health can make a huge difference in your life. That’s why chiropractic care is loved because it helps people become more active, get relief from pain, and helps them get their lives back!

Help your body adapt and get in a restful state! Come to Vitality Chiropractic, Rochester MN. Give us a call at (507) 208-4538 for an appointment, or get our new patient special at

Here’s what our own patients say…

“Vitality Chiropractic has the most welcoming warm environment I have ever experienced and been a part of. Both doctors are flexible and put their patients first. Doctor Ed and Doctor Stacy are both passionate about their work and it shows through their care, they make an effort to connect with their patients.

Dr. Stacy has gone above and beyond with the care she has given me. She inquires about my day and takes a real interest in me as a person. Dr. Stacy also answers any questions I may have about the care I am receiving and my health. I look forward to seeing her each and every appointment. She is one of the kindest souls I have ever met and recommend a million times!”

- Naomi

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