Why Chiropractic is a Better Option for Headache Relief

Why Chiropractic is a Better Option for Headache Relief in Rochester MN

Chiropractic Rochester MN Why Chiropractic is a Better Option for Headache Relief

How chiropractic adjustments can help with headaches

At some point, most of us have had to deal with a headache in Rochester. Whether you had to leave work, you powered through it, or you just can’t shake it off, we can all agree that headaches are a pain.

Headaches are more than an annoyance; they can be extremely debilitating and tiring. It can affect your mood and relationships, or affect your job and make you unable to work.

Sometimes drinking more water, taking pain medication, or sleeping it off can help, but without taking care of the cause of headaches, they’ll just keep coming back. However, there is good news…Chiropractic can help!

Here’s just some of the ways chiropractic works:

  • Chiropractic helps restore nerve system function so the body can heal itself.
  • It can help with tight muscles in the neck that pull on the head causing headaches.
  • It also has been shown to help with stress headaches.
  • And the best part is that chiropractic has long lasting benefits

Chiropractic is a safe and healthy way for the body to heal itself through the nervous system and restore balance in the body. When the body can function properly, it can create the perfect balance for us to live our optimal lives.

Because adjustments help the body naturally, people of all ages can benefit, from adults, seniors, and children who are suffering from headaches.

The best option for cervicogenic headaches…

Nope! Multiple studies have been done to test the effectiveness of chiropractic for headaches.

Do you have headaches that are provoked by neck movement? Do you have pressure over tender points in the neck and reduced range of neck movement?

You may be suffering from cervicogenic headaches.

The good news is, that chiropractic can help! In 2021 a group of researchers took 142 patients with cervicogenic headaches to see if high-velocity low-amplitude adjustments would help. They found chiropractic was more beneficial than other treatments, such as mobilization (like massage) and exercise. They even found that the therapeutic effects were still there three months later!

This is incredibly relevant for patients with cervicogenic headaches that won’t go away on their own or with muscle exercises.

Taking pain killers can help manage the pain of cervicogenic headaches but they won’t help the underlying cause. Getting effective help can make the biggest difference for patients.

Results are in! Chiropractic versus Pharmaceuticals

Another study in 2011 directly tested the effect of spinal manipulation versus pharmaceutical treatment. One hundred and fifty patients who were diagnosed with tension headaches who had regular headaches for the past three months were brought in.

One group was adjusted while the other group was given amitriptyline by a medical physician.

Overall the study showed that while the drug provided some relief, it came with side effects like drowsiness, dry mouth, and weight gain. After treatment, they returned back to their previous condition.

The patients who received chiropractic, however, had relief of their tension headaches and sustained the treatment outcome, finding that they didn’t need over the counter medication to reduce tension headaches.

Here's what our own patients say…
"Absolutely amazing! Personalized care and great attitudes from the front desk staff to the doctors! I suffered from nonstop headaches and their individualized care plan set me on a path to no headaches.

They remember who you are and you are always greeted with a smile. They also recognize that life happens and don't charge you for a missed appointment which is a huge difference compared to other places. Recommend 10/10!"

- Kaitlyn C.

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